Lviv Social Resilient City 2.0

Lviv Social Resilient City 2.0: Urban Density Lab Ukraine 2023
Design Program in the Master of Architecture
Summer Term 2023

Since the beginning of the Russian invasion of Ukraine in February 2022, the city of Lviv (730,000 inhabitants before the war) has become a destination for countless displaced people and thus fulfils an important role as a so-called "back-up city". The challenges are enormous: the city must develop resilient structures in the short, medium and long term to fulfill the most urgent needs of its population. 

In September 2022, the Lviv City Planning Office had proposed 2 priority sites for the processing of urban development which resulted from an immediate need due to the war situation and will therefore enter a concrete planning phase in the short to medium term. In Winter Term 2022-23, typological urban design projects were developed at TU Vienna and Lviv Polytechnic University for both sites: Zboishcha and Ryasne. 
Now the thematic and design deepening into a "proof of concept" for one of these two sites, namely the ZBOISHCHA area, will take place. The participants of the design Lviv Social Resilient City 2.0 will work in Summer Term 2023 at this site in a research-based urban design - process on the topics of "Physical and Mental Rehabilitation". The goal is to develop practical priority projects at the scale of the neighborhood under the updated framework conditions.

The Design Program Lviv Social Resilient City 2.0 undergoing and involves approx. about 30 students and teachers from both partner universities from March to June 2023 in cooperation with collegues from the Urban Planning Department of Lviv. 




Tutoring TU Wien, Dpt of Urban Design

• Andreas Hofer, Ass.Prof. Dipl.-Ing. Dr. Dr.h.c.
• Andrea Überbacher, Univ. Lektor Dipl.-Ing.
• Bohdan Cherkes, Univ. Prof. Dr. Dekan
• Anasztazia Hujvan, Tutorin, Diplomandin

Tutoring - Lviv Polytechnic National University, Faculty of Architecture
• Dr. Solomiya Shcheholska
• Dr. Yaryna Onufriv

 Tutoring - Úrban Planning Department of Lviv.
• Chief Architect Dr. Anton Kolomyeytsev
• Arch. Maryna Peleshchak 
• Arch. Oleksandr Fenchuk