Harbourpolis Odessa 2006

As in 2005 students from Vienna, Lviv and Odessa had already worked on different urban development concepts for the harbor area, the topics of the 2006 workshop were focussed on further emblematic inner-city locations.  

The following locations were discussed: 

Central Railway Station of Odessa
Transformation and reorganization of the area in correspondance to the design of the interface to the local transport system.

Axis Alexander Prospekt 
New urban design of the historical connection between the Railway station and the harbour..

Leisure Centre Otrada 
Landscape design concept for the recreation area on the east sea side of Odessa

Potemkin Stair
Concept for a new interpertation of the interface between the city and the harbour, the potemkin stair playing a  a crucial role.


Summer term 2006

Alina Haritonowa
Andreas Hofer
Natascha Melnik
Tatjana Polonskaya
Viktor Proskurjakov
Olga Sawitzkaja
Klaus Semsroth
Sergio Syurko
Bohdan Tscherkes

19 students - Vienna
12 students - Lviv
17 students - Odessa


Student Projects

ODESSA TRIANGLE - Roman Hepp | Predrag Jonovic









Roman Hepp
Predrag Jonovic

TU Vienna

THE ORGANIC AXIS - Maximilian Gsottschneider | Julia Martin







Maximilian Gsottschneider
Julia Martin

TU Vienna