Urban Density Lab Lviv 2018

Urban design proposals for a brownfield transformation in Lviv, Ukraine at the following two locations: the Lastivka Coop and the Baczewski Factory (both approx. 5 ha size) 

42 architecture students and 14 tutors from 4 universities in the Ukraine, Austria, Germany and Poland worked together with the Lviv municipal administration on this laboratory project.

This Laboratory focusing on urban design, was organised within the framework of the academic partnership between Vienna University of Technology and Lviv Polytechnic National University (

The Urban Density Lab Lviv was part of an academic semester program in the summer term 2018 at both partner universities. It was composed of:

• a condensed preparatory phase in Vienna and Lviv in March/April
• The Urban Density Lab on-site in Lviv from the 14th-22ndof April:
   organised as an international workshop on Urban Design
• an elaboration phase where the student’s urban design proposals
  were finalised at the home universities in Vienna and Lviv and
• an exhibition and public discussion of selected results in September
  2018 Lviv.

The „Urban Density Lab Lviv 2018" was developed in close
cooperation with Julian Chaplinskyy, the Chief Architect of Lviv.



Summer term 2018

Organisation and tutoring:
Bohdan Cherkes
Anton Kolomeyeytsev
Halyna Petryshyn
Olha Kryvoruchko
Roman Krushelnytskyy
Roman Liubytskyi 
Solomiia Konyk 
Andreas Hofer
Christian Gigler
Norbert Trolf
Jakub Lewicki
Konrad Dobrowolski
Tomasz Malczyk
Julian Chaplinskyy




17 students-Vienna
15 students -Lviv
6 students -Nysa
4 students-Brandenburg



Student Projects

LVIVERE - Nina Zawosta | Susanne Böcherer | Anna Jörgl |






Nina Zawosta
Susanne Böcherer
Anna Jörgl

UNITE LASTIVKA - Fabian Krenn | Olivia Daschill |








Fabian Krenn  
Olivia Daschil