Brownfield development Pidzamtsche Lviv 1999

The area, sized 130 ha, is located north-east of the city centre of Lviv. It is in the immediate neighborhood of the Pidzamtsche housing quarter (which was topic of the 1998-workshop) delimited from it by the railway. The area is mainly characterized by degraded industrial functions transforming into brownfields, which seems to be an ongoing process.

The aim of the workshop was to develop strategies and concepts for a sustainable redevelopment of this area.

Because of the enormous size of the area the following methods were applied:
• 2 teams (4 students each) worked on development scenarios for the entire planning area including their connection to the city center
• 5 teams (4 students each) developed specific urban design concepts for individual sub-areas as key projects focusing on functional aspects and the urban re-structuration.

During the workshop the students and professors joined the international symposium: „Lviv: Conservation and Development“, held in Lviv at the same time.








Summer term 1999

Andreas Hofer

14 students - Vienna
17 students - Lviv


Student Projects