Krimproject 2003: Urban Design between Orient and Occident

The aim of the 2003 workshop was to discuss future development scenarios for the Alushta region on the south coast of the Crimean peninsula focussing on different types of public space and its accessabilty.

The following topics were to be discussed in the working process;
• urban and regional development potentials
• quality of design for buildings and public spaces
• measures on the social level especially to improve the living conditions for the inhabitants
• historical traditions and local cultural identities; (e.g. such as the effects of the OSCE initiated repatriation of Crimean Tatars)
• education, training, work with the media
• contemporary requirements for a sustainable tourism development






Summer term 2003

Andreas Hofer
Yuri Kryworutschko
Klaus Semsroth
Gennadij Shulga
Bohdan Tscherkes

12 students - Vienna
12 students - Lviv


Student Projects

FISHING FOR COMPLIMENTS - Irene Hahn | Johanna Klement






Irene Hahn 
Johanna Klement

TU Vienna