Harbourpolis Odessa 2007

The requirements for Harbourpolis Odessa 2007 were related to inner-city transformation goals to upgrade the living conditions at downtown Odessa.
Specifically, the following sites and topics were discussed:
The settlement block as a raster module
Typological approach to the transformation and conversion of the so called „Characteristic Odessa Block“
Final point Deribavskaya Street
Functional and creative reinterpretation of the final point of the most important public space in the city center.
Fingerprint Harbor
Re-design and reuse of a part of the Harbour area focussing the the interface to architecture and landscape.


Summer term 2007

Cuno Brullmann
Andreas Hofer
Svitlana Linda
Natascha Melnik
Viktor Proskurjakov
Olga Sawitzkaja
Valeriya Schamrajevskyy
Margit Scherb
Tatjana Polonskaya
Sergej Syurko
Bohdan Tscherkes

15 students - Vienna
12 students - Lviv
4 students - Odessa
4 students - Donetzk


Student Projects

NETWORKING & NETLIVING - Andreas Liska | Jarmila Rudenkova
The main goal of our project is to create a connection between existing but still seperated spaces & courtyards of downtown Odessa.
The most important aspect of this characteristic block structure is the intern layout of paths and the different connections. Courtyards are mostly calm, sometimes shady and give the people the feeling of being ‘in’ a room or space. This creates a feeling of privacy, because most people slow down their walking pace and look around for a while. This is why we wanted to put an emphasise on these values of the open spaces and create new hierarchies.
With our project „Networking & Netliving“ we created courtyards more private and others more public.

Andreas Liska
Jarmila Rudenkova

TU Vienna