Kiev - Kharkiv - Slavutich - Lviv 2011

An excursion across the Ukraine. 11 students from Vienna, 12 students from Lviv and five tutors have been travelling through the country in four stages. The first stop of the trip was a day stay in Lviv before the group continued on the overnight train to Kiev. Bohdan Tscherkes led the group through Kiev and explained historical contexts and current urban developments. The next stop was Kharkiv in eastern Ukraine. There, the focus of the stay lay in the linear city and its importance in the urban fabric. During a workshop, which was supported by the local university, the students have developed projects for a forward-looking development of the linear city. Then Slavutich - the city which was built after the nuclear disaster in Chernobyl – was visited. The last stop of the trip was a two day stay in Lviv. The students from Lviv led their Viennese colleagues through their city: from the city center which is under UNESCO World Heritage protection up to large housing estates in the southern periphery.




Kiev, Kharkiv, Slavutich, Lviv

06.04. - 17.04.2011

Oksana Chabanjuk
Andreas Hofer
Anton Kolomyeytsev
Elisabeth Leitner
Gennadij Shulga
Bohdan Tscherkes

11 students - Vienna
12 students - Lviv

Linear City Kharkiv 2011