Urban Density Lab Lviv 2017

Brownfield transformation: Central Railway Station and the Militarya Unit Site at Shevchenka Street. 

In 2017 the Urban Density Lab is back in Lviv! For the ongoing urban transformation processes in areas close to the city center, the following specific and site orientated challenges can be specified:
the availability and activation of well-connected territories as well as material and social resources
the clear definition of spatial development goals under with regards to the current aspect of a continuous urban population growth
a purposeful positioning within the regional and international urban landscape and a programme to strengthen the identity of the city for inhabitants
the creation of a contemporary, future-based urban habitat in co-existance with the cultural heritage.

Therefore, two key-locations of brownfields in Lviv were chosen to develop some urban design proposals:
The southern part of the Central Railway Station of Lviv (14 ha)
A (former) military area between Shevchenka and Horodotska Street (9 ha)

70 students and 14 tutors of 5 universities were working on this topic from March to July 2017.

The project „Urban Density Lab Lviv 2017" was developed in close
cooperation with Julian Chaplinskyy, the Chief Architect of Lviv.


Summer term 2017
Organisation and tutoring:
Andreas Hofer
Christian Gigler
Norbert Trolf
Anton Kolomeyeytsev
Halyna Petryshyn
Olha Kryvoruchko
Roman Krushelnytskyy
Tatiana Klymeniuk
Roman Liubytskyi
Solomiia Konyk
Tatiana Rumilets
Jakub Lewicki
Konrad Dobrowolski
Iryna Shvets
27 students-Vienna 
27 students-Lviv
9 students -Nysa
3 students-Odessa
3 students-Prydipniprovska

Student Projects

CONNECTED CONCENTRATION - Naomi Dutzi | Ludwig Thanhäuser|






Naomi Dutzi
Ludwig Thanhäuser

CULTURE URBANITY - Ekin Türk | Ana-Maria Mitrache|








Ekin Türk  
Ana-Maria Mitrache 


HOTSPOTS - Ceren Ergüden | Karmen Janzekovic |







Ceren Ergüden 
Karmen Janzekovic 


IDENSITY - Illia Mitalov | Johanna Prax | Ievgeniia Vietrova|







Illia Mitalov 
Johanna Prax 
Ievgeniia Vietrova 


INTERMIXTURE - Berke Onay | Merve Canga|







Berke Onay 
Merve Canga 


LIVING NETWORK - Papo Deyvi | Ilkcakin Hande|







Papo Deyvi  
Ilkcakin Hande 


LVIV INBETWEEN - Michaela Fodor | Sarah Gold |







Michaela Fodor 
Sarah Gold