National University Lviv Polytechnic

The National University L'vivska Polytechnic is the oldest technical education institution in the Ukraine. The history of the university goes back to the foundation of the Technical Academy in Lviv in 1844.

The National University Lviv Polytechnic includes 12 educational and research institutes, the institute of Distance Learning, the Institute of Post-graduate Studies, the Land Forces Institute and the Institute of Education, Culture and Connections with Diaspora. 

The University consists of the scientific and research department, a scientific and technical library, a publishing house, the Polytechnic design and enginieering union, a geodesic ground and an astronomy and geodesy laboratory. The University structure also includes the Technical College and the Technical and Economic College, two high schools, five educational and consulting centers in five regions of the Ukraine. The National University L'vivska Polytechnic comprises 32 academic buildings, 14 halls of residence, 3 resorts for students and the academic staff, and the Prosvita cultural association as well.

Over 31.000 students, including cadets and external students, study at the University. Professionals are trained in 56 Bachelor directions and 106 specializations, 88 of which are at master level. The educational process is accompanied by 1800 members of academic staff. 

The international orientation in teaching and reseach is a main challenge for L'vivska Polytechnic since the independence of Ukraine. Especially with the “Bologna Process” L'vivska Polytechnic has intensified its international activities particulary with Austria, Germany, Poland, Great Britain and other countries. 

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