Urban Density Lab Vienna 2016

The term Urban Density generally means the quantity and quality of urban space available per person. Urban Density is therefore used for defining dimensions and criteria within current and upcoming urban developing processes.

Urban Density defines in fact more than the relationship between built-up volumes and free space, it expresses the quality of urban life based on the interaction of multifunctional urban activities.
Urban Density might become acrucial tool to provide and ensure vitality and vibrancy in residential areas.

Our Laboratory will provide an experimental situation were we can test and simulate several applications of Urban Densitiy.


The winner of the 2016-Logo-compettition is Monica Dobre !




Summer term 2016
Christian Gigler
Andreas Hofer
Anton Kolomieitsev
Olha Kryvorutchko
Mauricio Pinilla
Sebastian Sattlegger
Bohdan Tescherkes
Diego Velandia
19 students - Vienna
15 students - Lviv
15 students - Bogota

Student Projects

LIFE LINES FLORIDSDORF - Jacinta Klein | Monica Grau|






Jacinta Klein
Monica Grau

GREEN TRACKS - Florentina Dohnalik | Bettina Plainer |








Florentina Dohnalik 
Bettina Plainer 


KOMET TERRACES - Monica Dobre | Christina Rauchwarter |







Monica Dobre 
Christina Rauchwarter