SeaSide Boulevard_Crimea 2004

The City of Alushta with its 35.000 inhabitants and more than 200 recreational resorts is one of the centers of recreation on the southern Crimea. Due to the increasing touristic demand in the region, the urabn areas are lacking adequate leisure facilities specifically on the coastline. 
The topic of the 2004-workshop was thus to redesign the 3km long sea-side-promenade of Alushta. This area needs to provide adequate functions for leisure, recreational and commercial activities and has the potential to be transformed into an integrated urban element at the interface of the urban landscape and the sea. Additionally a new urban brand for Alushta could be created.






Summer term 2004

Andreas Hofer
Yuri Kryworutschko
Klaus Semsroth
Gennadij Shulga
Bohdan Tscherkes

11 students - Vienna
12 students - Lviv


Student Projects

KRIM PRO RHYTHM - Simone Reich | Katharina Spiegl






Simone Reich
Katharina Spiegl

TU Vienna

LINKING IMPULSES - Florian Kienesberger | Michael Wieser






Florian Kienesberger
Michael Wieser

TU Vienna

SEASIDE BOULEVARD CRIMEA - Eva Griemann | Martina Zimpel






Eva Griemann
Martina Zimpel

TU Vienna

DESIGNING A PROMENADE - Christian Gigler | Carolin Setzer






Christian Gigler
Carolin Setzer

TU Vienna