Eastern Europe 2001

The analysis of the architectural heritage of three important cities in Eastern Europe was the task of this field trip in 2001. Kiev, as the first important settlement of the former Russian Empire, Moscow as the main metropolis today and St. Petersburg as the built manifest of an „mediterranean“ urban composition in the north were in focus of our interest. Travelling by night-train between the three cities was an additional benefit and gave opportunity to underline the approach to their urban panorama.







Kiev, Moscow, St. Petersburg

26.04. - 04.05.2001

Thomas Dillinger
Mona El Khafif
Petra Hirschler
Andreas Hofer
Fritz Öttl
Gerhard Schimak
Ursula Schneider,
Klaus Semsroth
Markus Tomaselli
Bohdan Tscherkes

23 students - Vienna