Lviv and surroundings - 2014

As part of this field trip, students learned about the city of Lviv and got a short insight of its surrounding area. In Lviv planners, politicians, teachers and students guided through their city and gave many different insights into historical and current urban development topics. A one-day bus tour to the surrounding areas of Lviv should expand the view on Lviv itself and establish an understanding of the rural architecture of the Western Ukraine.
On this excursion participated 20 students of the Vienna University of Technology and 18 students of the L'vivska Polytechnika
Lviv, Olesko, Brody
04.04 - 13.04.2014
Andreas Hofer
Anton Kolomyeytsev
Yuriy Kryworutschko
Elisabeth Leitner
Halyna Petryshyn
Bohdan Tscherkes
20 students - Vienna
18 students - Lviv