Research Projects

Identity, Architecture and Reconstruction of the City, 2010 - 2014

Bohdan Tscherkes‘ book „Identity, Architecture and Reconstruction of the City“ looks at possible definitions of architectural and planning principles during the process of searching for  national identity and the formation of public centres in capital cities. Using the examples of Kyiv, Moscow, Berlin and Warsaw, Bohdan Tscherkes illustrates the analogies and differences which determine national identity of various cultures in architecture and city planning. The categories Identity and National Identity are examined in detail just as the method of considering identities when looking at the development and transformation of public urban centres.

“This book is food for thought and provocation, especially when looking at the political landscape and the changes that took place since the fall of 2013, giving this analysis and its result an unexpected topicality”. 
Prof. Werner Durth,
Author of “Baukultur: Spiegel gesellschaftlichen Wandels”

Printed with the support of the National Univeristy “Lvivska Polytechnika”, Lviv, Ukraine,  the Federal Ministry of Science, Research and Economy in Vienna and the architecture firm “Zelemin”.

Bohdan Tscherkes