Final Presentation: Urban Density Lab Lviv 2018

Final Presentation: Urban Density Lab Lviv 2018
Urban Design works by students of TU Vienna.

Tuesday June 26th2018 at Vienna University of Technology  


7 proposals of Urban Design were presented to transform two centrally located brownfield areas of Lviv into mixed-use neighbourhoods. The areas of Lastivka Coop. and Baczewski Factory (size: aprox. 5 ha each) were subject of the 2018 Urban Density Lab Lviv 2018. The presentation was performed by 17 students of Architecture and 3 tutors of TU Vienna as well as 3 international guest jurors. Titles of the projects:

• Unite LastivkaI by Olivia Daschill and Fabian Krenn  

• Living at the PromenadeI by Myrto-Ioanna Karnoutsou, Veronika Basova and Karolina Nachlik

• Lvivere: Green and the CityI by Nina Zawasta, Anna Jőrgl and Susanna Bőcherer

• Learning-Living-LastivkaI by Tamara Antić, Sebastian Lengauer and Nikola Miškič   

• Baczewski DistrictI by Emilie Wöllauer and Rostyslav Kasiyan  

• The ProjectorI by Anasztazia Hutvan and Aslihan Kuvvet  

• Level UpI by Michael Plankensteiner and Nikosz Bendegúz Tóth  

Guest Jurors:
Julian Chaplinskyy, Bohdan Tscherkes, Kerstin Pluch

Tutors TU Vienna:
Norbert Trolf, Christian Gigler, Andreas Hofer

The detailed report of the Urban Density Lab Lviv 2018 including the results and the didactical steps of the semester program will be presented soon at this website.

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