Symposium Vienna

Urban Dynamics within Global Changes

Symposium and evening event celebrating 20 Years of cooperation at the Vienna University of Technology with international speakers from university, politics and NGOs. 
Vienna Technical University, TUthesky

Speakers (in order of their appearance at the event):
Rudolf Scheuvens, Dean Faculty for Architecture and Planning, Vienna University of Technology
Christoph Ramoser, Austrian Federal Ministry of Science, Research and Economy 
Christoph Luchsinger, Vienna University of Technology 
Bohdan Tscherkes, Lviv Polytechnic 
Andreas Hofer, Vienna University of Technology
Iris Gleichmann, GIZ Lviv 
Viktor Zotov, CANACTIONS, Kiev 
Julian Chaplinskyy, Chief Architect of Lviv 
Christian Gigler, Gigler Design and Structures e.U.; International Summer University Carinthia (iSUC) 
Rainer Staltner, Representative of the Ukrainian Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Austria 
Julian Chaplinskyy, Christian Gigler, Iris Gleichmann, Rainer Staltner and Viktor Zotov 
Elisabeth Leitner, Vienna University of Technology 
Andrij Pavliv, Vice-Mayor of Lviv
Anton Kolomyeytsev, Lviv Polytechnic 
Barbara Maschat, Vienna University of Technology
Halyna Petryshyn, Lviv Polytechnic
Natalya Mysak, Lviv Polytechnic        

David Groiss and Verena Wohlmacher

Andreas Hofer and Elisabeth Leitner

Christian Gigler

Barbara Maschat

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