Symposium Lviv

Organizers: Bohdan Cherkes, Halyna Petryshyn, Yaroslav Rakochyy, Anton Kolomyeytsev

The first part of the joint symposium organized by Lvivska Polytechnika National University and Vienna Technical University took place on November 18-21 2015 in Lviv and was dedicated to the topic of “Theory and Practice of Academic Education in Architecture and Urban Design”.

Klaus Semsroth, Andreas Hofer, Elisabeth Leitner and Anton Kolomeytsev presented the history and the future aims of the cooperation and its website. During the ceremonial session the Yuriy Rudavskyy Medal for merits for Lviv Polytechnic National University was presented to Dr. Christoph Ramoser from Vienna and zo Prof. Yuriy Bobalo from Lviv.

Key Speakers at this symposium were: Sebastian Macmillan from Cambridge, Christoph Luchsinger and Manfred Wehdorn from Vienna.

There were also speakers, who presented their statements about further development of the cities, architecture and architectural education. Among them: V.Proskuryakov, A.Buryak, H.Petryshyn, M.Bevz, O.Oliynyk, J.Chaplinskyy, J.Kryvoruchko from Ukraine, C.Jäger-Klein from Vienna, C.Wagenaar from Rotterdam and B.Podhalanski from Krakow.

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