Exhibition: Portopolis Odessa 2007, Odessa

The Exhibition PORTOPOLIS ODESSA 2007 was realized together with the Initiative “Odessa City Marketing” from 23rd to 27th May 2007 in at the Odessa Seaport Exhibition Komplex. 

PORTOPOLIS ODESSA 2007 are projects of Urban Design and Urban Development for the City of Odessa elaborated by students of the following Universities:
Odessa Academy of Civil Engineering and Architecture, Vienna University of Technology and L’vivska Polytechnic.

“Odessa City Marketing” contents the public discussion of the main development goals of Odessa. It is a discussion forum to strengthen the relationship between city planning authorities, investors, universities and planning teams and the inhabitants of Odessa. 

Organization and Management: Exhibition Center Odessa_Home 

Curators of the Exhibition - Vienna University of Technology: Christian Gigler, Andrea Überbacher

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